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Catch of the Day


Date Caught


Weight (lbs)

Location Caught

12.07.2010Bang On26Pin Rock

11.07.2010Danny Strondhal26Outside

10.07.2010Steve Kronstien29.5Rosa

09.07.2010Bob Samualson28Rosa

08.07.2010Kim Tonhiem31.5Outside

07.07.2010Abernia Charters32Hwy

06.07.2010Jim Hicks26.5South Esperanza

05.07.2010Mario Foucalt25Outside

04.07.2010Bob Fulmore31Outside

03.07.2010John Riggs22Outside

02.07.2010Zarley Dole25Outside

01.07.2010Alberni Charters23.5Offshore

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